Pick-up Service

HKUST offers a pick-up service from the Hong Kong International Airport to HKUST.

  • You need to register for this free service before the deadline specified below. We apologize that walk-in requests will not be entertained.
  • HKUST representative will be waiting at the gathering point 15 minutes before the departure time specified below. 
    Gathering point: Terminal 2, Arrivals Level L3 (Opposite to 7-Eleven convenience store and search for the HKUST signage) 
  • If your flight arrives much earlier, our advice is to grab a coffee or something to eat at the airport while you wait, and then make use of the pick-up service when it begins. After landing in Hong Kong, it takes around 1 hour to go through the immigration, baggage claim and customs. 
  • HKUST representative will lead the group to the coach SHARP at the departure time listed below. While we understand that flights could be delayed, kindly understand that we will not be able to pick you up if you miss the coach you signed up for.
  • From the Hong Kong International Airport, a coach will bring you to HKUST Undergraduate Student Hall. The coach will not stop at other destinations.
  • If these pick-up dates/times do not suit you, you will find the information about getting to HKUST available on this page useful for your travels.

For Undergraduate Non-local Freshmen
  • 16 August 2019 (Fri) 5pm
  • 19 August 2019 (Mon) 12noon
  • 19 August 2019 (Mon) 5pm
  • 20 August 2019 (Tue) 12noon
  • 20 August 2019 (Tue) 5pm
  • 21 August 2019 (Wed) 12noon
  • 21 August 2019 (Wed) 5pm

Registration: Click here
Registration deadline: Two days before the airport pick up service date

For pick-up at West Kowloon High Speed Railway Station, please register below:

16 August 2019: Click here
19 August 2019: Click here

Undergraduate Exchange Students please refer to HKUST Study Abroad

From Hong Kong International Airport

Below are some options for getting to HKUST from the Hong Kong International Airport. If you are carrying a lot of luggage with you, taking the taxi directly to campus is the most convenient option.

Transportation Options:

    • Red taxi (Hong Kong International Airport -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 45 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$360

    • Airport Express (Hong Kong International Airport -> Kowloon Station) + Red taxi (Kowloon Station -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 25 + 30 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$105 + HK$220

    • Bus Number A29 (Hong Kong International Airport -> Po Lam) + Taxi (Red or Green) or Bus Number 91M(Po Lam -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 100 + 15 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$42 + HK$65

From Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

If you take the high speed rail from Mainland China, you will arrive at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

Transportation Options:

    • Red taxi (Hong Kong West Kowloon Station -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 30 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$150

    • MTR (Hong Kong West Kowloon Station -> Hang Hau) + Taxi (Red or Green) or Minibus Number 11M(Hang Hau -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 50 + 15 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$17 + HK$50

From Hung Hom Train Station

If you take the through train that goes directly to Hong Kong from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, you will arrive at Hung Hom Train Station. You can then take the MTR to Hang Hau Station, which is the nearest station to HKUST. Then, take a taxi to the university. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Hung Hom to get to HKUST.

Transportation Options:

    • Red taxi (Hung Hom Station -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 30 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$140

    • MTR (Hung Hom Station -> Hang Hau Station) + Green taxi (Hung Hau Station -> HKUST)
      Estimated travel time: 40+10 minutes
      Estimated cost: HK$13 + HK$50

Click here to visit the MTR website for details on fares, routes and journey times.

Public Transport To / From HKUST

The MTR (subway) stops that are closest to HKUST are Choi Hung, Diamond Hill, Hang Hau, Po Lam stops. The following bus and minibus services are available for going to and from campus.

To Choi Hung MTR
(Station: HKUST South Gate)
  • Bus No. 91, 91P, 91M
  • Green mini-bus No. 11, 11S (overnight service)

To Diamond Hill MTR, Hollywood Plaza
        (Station: HKUST South Gate)
  • Bus No. 91 or 91M

To Ngau Tau Kok MTR
(Station: HKUST South Gate)
  • Green mini-bus No. 104

To Sai Kung
(Station: HKUST North Gate)
  • Bus No. 792M
  • Green mini-bus No. 12, 1S (overnight service)

To Hang Hau MTR, East Point City
(Station: HKUST North Gate)
  • Bus No. 91M
  • Green mini-bus No. 11, 11M, 11S (overnight service)

To Po Lam MTR, Metro City
  • Bus No. 91M, Green mini-bus No. 12 (Station: HKUST North Gate)
  • Green mini-bus No. 11S (overnight service) (Station: HKUST South Gate)

To/From Tseung Kwan O MTR, PopCorn Mall
(Station: HKUST North Gate)
  • Bus No. 792M

To/From Tiu Keng Leng MTR, Metro Town
(Station: HKUST North Gate)
  • Bus No. 792M